Monday, February 06, 2006

The Witch Hole West of Bromide

An early scouting party prior to removal of the Chickasaws to Indian Territory camped pool on the bank of Delaware Creek near the present entrance to Camp Simpson. The Witch Hole as it came to be called was formed by water pouring over a cliff and carving out an almost perfectly round pool about the size of half a basketball court. A tribeswoman who was the cook and camp keeper was left at the site while the party surveyed the area. When the party returned from their trip they found buckets by the side of the pool and the woman was missing. The Witch Doctor went into a trance and dived into the pool. He reported going far down into a cave where he found the womans body and was attacked by giant fish have 8 tenacles and a beak. He killed the creature but was mortally wounded in the struggle. He brought the womans body back up and her appendages were all eaten off. Their bodies were buried on the side of the pool. On dark moonless nights people have reported an apparition of a woman in native garb with no fingers, toes, nose and ears walking on the surface of the pool. It is know to this day as the "Witch Hole" and has been the site of numerous drownings (one of which the Blogmaster was witness to), This story comes from a paper delivered in writing class at Bromide High School by Mevlyn Wisdom (now Kirkpatrick).
Scuba gear was brought to the Boy Scout Camp in the 50's and the Blogmaster was present as the divers reported a cave system at a depth of over a hundred feet. They brought up man metal artifacts from the caves from past accidents including wagon wheels, brass items and pottery. Jim Martin, the Blogmasters family farm was a few hundred feet South on the Delaware and many nights were spent camping and fishing with the ghosts of the Witch hole. jdm2006

Quote from ThisNThat Newsletter
Here is a pic of Witch's Hole. Local legend has it that it was an abandon mine of some kind many many years ago, and the shaft down to the mine is where Witch's Hole is located. People say Witch's Hole is over 200 feet deep. And it is full of big bass too, mostly leftovers from the nearby U.S. Fish Hatchery over at Reagan, Oklahoma. They throw into the creek any extra fish they have, and it sure makes the creek that runs through Camp Simpson a fisherman's heaven for those Boy Scouts.